Marketplace - Omni Interactions


The Omni Marketplace connects GBAs and client SOWs, matching exceptional talent to the needs of discriminating brands.

Our clients require customer support that represents their brand across all channels, and our GBAs are up to the challenge.

omni marketplace

The core of our marketplace is the Omni platform which enables GBAs and clients to come together to add value.


Workforce Management & Scheduling

Our responsive model ensures not only our clients have the right number of resources, but also our GBAs can control their schedule with flexibility.


Speed to Competency

Once matched, GBAs are brought up to speed and provided with clear standards of excellence based on the requirements of the client SOW.


Performance Management

Our GBAs are in business for themselves, yet a support network is imperative for continued success and performance assessment.


Empowered and Connected

Our GBAs may enjoy their independence, but they also want to feel connected, supported, and empowered by their fellow GBAs.



While the gig economy demands flexibility, Omni is loyal to its GBAs and committed to their long-time development and happiness.