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Communities of Interest

Culture and a sense of belonging along with competitive earning potential help Omni retain and grow an exceptional group of GBAs.

Our communities of interest are comprised of GBAs with unique expertise that are valued and nurtured by Omni to forge a long-standing relationship.

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Omni knows culture counts. That’s why we are committed to building nurtured groups of GBAs through knowledge sharing, communication, and continued education.



Each GBA who is joins the Omni Marketplace is supported through our on-boarding process designed to give new GBAs a leg-up.



Just because independent contractors want to be their own bosses, doesn’t mean we leave them to fend for themselves. Our process ensures they succeed!



Online learning requires a mix of instructor-led learning, self-paced modules, and assessments in order to evaluate understanding - all specially designed for our GBAs.



Our GBAs may enjoy their independence, but they also want to feel connected, supported, and empowered by their fellow GBAs.


Brand Ambassador

Once fully on-boarded, GBAs gain access to Omni@Work and are able to set their schedules, apply for other SOWs and move into certification.