Digital Learning - Omni Interactions

Curriculum to Certification

Our digital learning process ensures a consistent understanding of skills, knowledge, and processes to support our client’s SOW with excellence and cultural alignment.

Through Omni's digital learning, GBAs can learn new skills that can make them eligible for other SOWs and opportunities.

omni certification

In a gig economy there’s no such thing as “mandatory training.” Our GBAs sign up for our digital learning to assess their knowledge and skills to earn certifications.


Curriculum Alignment

Ensuring our curriculum aligns with client needs and expectations is where it all begins.


Building Courses

Creating lessons for online delivery is not the same as classroom training. Our courses are specifically designed for Work@Home.


Delivering Content

Online learning requires a mix of instructor-led learning, self-paced modules, and assessments in order to evaluate understanding - all specially designed for our GBAs.



Just because the class ends, it doesn’t mean learning and evaluation end with it. We ensure our GBAs are ready to represent our clients’ brands with excellence.


Final Certification

As newly-certified GBAs move into production, additional learning opportunities are available so they can continue growing with Omni.