Programs & Certifications offered by Omni’s Clients

Welcome! This page is an overview of how we publish information on upcoming certifications/programs, and what you need to know to sign up for certification classes as they become available. 

After you submit a completed application, it will be reviewed by our Sourcing team. If your background, skills, and home office are a match for our clients, we will reach out to you by email or text message. 

Part of our email will include instructions on how to search for upcoming certifications. You can also setup alerts for upcoming certifications, and find opportunities that matches your skills and interest! 

Once you find a program you’re interested in, you’ll be asked to review some critical details. This will include: downloading a PDF with important details, answering specific questions about the opportunity, and submitting your registration for the program.

When you review the PDF, make sure you can commit to the certification schedule and any other requirements listed. If you can commit to the terms and conditions outlined in the PDF, we’ll ask you to complete our onboarding activities

A list of our onboarding activities include: 

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions of the campaign
  2. Start your background check 
  3. Submit your identity verification documents
  4. Submit your IP Address verification screenshot
  5. Sign any necessary paperwork