People matter. Introducing our Gig Workers Bill of Rights.

Here at Omni we put the welfare of gig workers front and center. So much so that we are the first company to craft a Gig Workers Bill of Rights. We believe in the limitless potential of all people and we back our powerful Bill of Rights with action.

Why does this matter to you, our clients?

First, we know that treating people exceptionally well means they are more apt to enjoy the work they do and remain in our Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA) community longer. Second, by providing clear paths to real earnings and educational opportunities, GBAs don’t just perform tasks, they deliver extraordinary experiences.

Omni is creating communities of GBAs who are passionate about the brands they represent and have the skillsets to do so most effectively. See how Omni is going above and beyond to empower gig workers in this burgeoning economy:

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