Scale Customer Service Seamlessly with On-demand Gig Workers

Omniverse, our revolutionary AI-driven GigCX Platform, enables our gig workers to provide customers with a consistent, reliable, high-quality customer experience

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Organizations Across the Country Rely on Omni

Welcome to the Future of Customer Experience

We have reinvented the way outsourced customer service is delivered. Rather than limiting workforce to a physical call center, we are 100% remote giving you access to global on-demand talent. Instead of hiring agents, we use pre-vetted industry-experienced gig workers. Instead of using outdated technology, we’ve built a first-of-its-kind AI-Powered GigCX Platform – The Omniverse!

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What Makes Omni Interactions Unique?

Global Gig Workers Matching Your Unique Needs

Omni harnesses a global network of gig workers to bring you an impressive selection of talent. Each day, we sort through thousands of applicants and choose the ones that best match your needs — many with numerous years of valuable experience in their respective fields.

Precision Staffing with Miniature Intervals

Having trouble dealing with higher call volumes during certain times of year or even days and hours? Scale up your customer support in an instant with the help of on-demand gig workers. Our Omniverse technology will fill all open slots quickly so you can keep up with demand—all in 30-minute increments for maximum efficiency.

Harness AI to Solve Your Most Annoying CX Challenges

Powered by AI, Omniverse offers a revolutionary way to tackle current CX issues. Omniverse gives you the flexibility, scalability, and agility needed to surpass what can be offered with typical outsourcing. It ensures we have the right person, at the right time, with the right information to interact with your customers.

Happy Workers = Happy Customers

The gig model helps workers achieve better work-life balance. Omni’s gig workers work remotely and pick their own schedules 2-week ahead of time. This keeps retention rates and customer satisfactions rates high. AND there is NO cost associated with training new staff when attrition occurs – so you’ll never need to fret over it!

The Omni Gig Model

What is the Omni's GigCX Solution?

Gig Workers

Independent contractors that have experience and passion for your brand


Powerful platform to effortlessly manage our gig workers

Managed Solution

Omni manages the Omniverse and our gig workers to deliver amazing customer support

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Omni solves your top customer service challenges with GigCX

Whether you are looking for a new BPO or a way to augment your current in-house team for additional scalability and flexibility, Omni’s GigCX is your solution.

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