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Quickly and effectively scale your customer experience team during peak volume with a global gig talent network thanks to Omni Interactions and GigCX.

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Retail Companies Across the Country Rely on Omni

“Omni provides us with outsourced customer care at a more affordable price while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings and increased sales.”

Alice Warren

VP of Customer Intelligence

Scale Labor Effortlessly to Maximize Holiday Revenue

Omni harnesses a global network of 75,000 gig workers to bring you an impressive selection of on-demand talent that can be scaled up and back down to fit your seasonal needs. Omni has ramped up thousands of gig workers within weeks to support seasonal clients.

Increase in Revenue through Cross-Sell and Upsell

Harry & David, a well-known business that specializes in offering gourmet food, fruit, and gifts utilized Omni as well as other BPO vendors for their seasonal ramp. Omni had a sales conversion 13% higher than other vendors, with an $8 higher average order value. If Harry & David had used Omni Interactions for 100% of their holiday peak, they would have made $4 million more in revenue.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty result in more sales and revenue for retailers. Omni consistently outperforms other BPOs as well as internal teams on CSAT.

The Omni Gig Model

What is Omni's GigCX Solution?

Gig Workers

Independent contractors that have experience and passion for your brand.


Powerful platform to effortlessly manage our gig workers.

Managed Solution

Omni manages the Omniverse and our gig workers to deliver amazing customer support.

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Omni solves your top customer service challenges with GigCX

Whether you are looking for a new BPO or a way to augment your current in-house team for additional scalability and flexibility, Omni’s GigCX is your solution.

Top Challenges we Solve

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