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High volume of Covid-19 vaccine calls and support requests?

Get help now from our HIPAA-compliant support experts.

How Omni Can Help

Give us a call and we can walk through the details on how we can quickly and effectively supplement your current operations.

  • Scheduling, inbound inquiries, outbound confirmations
  • Support across all channels, including: phones, chats, texts, email, web, and social media
  • We can partner with existing teams or manage 100% of volumes

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We're Support and Privacy Experts

Dealing with medical information requires true professionals. This isn’t a job for your typical “call center” agents or temps.

  • HIPAA-compliant, with processes and tools that sync with your systems
  • Experts in every major customer support tool
  • Multilingual: 10+ languages
  • Experienced, U.S.-based remote workforce 

Fast, Flexible, and Scalable

Never be short handed, or overstaffed.

Trusted by Brands You Know

Great organizations that have trusted us with their customers, from Fortune 500 companies to rapid-growth ‘unicorns’ to startups, Omni has the delivery expertise for rapid ramps and complex interactions. 

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