Referral Program FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about our Referral Program!​
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    1. What is the referral incentive? 

    Omni is excited to offer a referral incentive of $200 to any active contractors who meet the requirements.  

    2. What is the Referral Process?  

    Refer your network:  

    1. Login to your Internal Portal
    2. Click on the Dashboard (upper right corner) 
    3. Click on “Make a General Referral” 
    4. Enter your full name, your referral’s name, their email address and any notes 
    5. Hit Submit 

    Encourage your referral to apply. 

    See if they qualify to partner with Omni by reviewing our requirements here. 

    If they qualify, encourage them to sign up for a client contract. 

    Connect with them regularly to answer any questions they may have about partnering in a business-to-business relationship with Omni.

    3. Who is a referral?  

    A person who signs up to partner with Omni by recommendation of a friend, colleague, or acquaintance. 

    4. Who is a referee?  

    An active contractor on the Omni platform who has referred a friend, colleague, or acquaintance to partner with Omni.  

    5. What are the milestones to earn the referral incentive?  

    You must refer your referral correctly AND your referral must apply using the link they received directly from you. 

    Your referral must qualify to partner with Omni.  

    Your referral must sign up and qualify for a client contract, attend and complete all certification activities, certify to service a client, and remain active on the Omni Platform. 

    Your referral must complete 60 hours of revenue-earning activities in no more than 6 weeks after certifying.  

    You as the referee must be active at the time of payout. 

    6. What is the deadline for the referral to service 60 hours? 

    6 weeks following successful completion of certification. Following completion of certification, revenue earning activities begin.  

    Your referral must complete 60 hours of revenue-earning activities for you to earn the incentive. 

    7. When do revenue-earning activities start?  

    Revenue-earning activities start after the referral is certified in the certification phase.  

    8. How much is the referral incentive? 

    $200 once the requirements are met. 

    9. How do I refer someone? 

     You will invite them through your Internal Portal by clicking Internal Portal Referral Link 

    Only use one link per referral  

    Your referral must qualify to partner in a business-to-business relationship with Omni. 

    Your referral must sign up for eligible contracts to support clients.

    10. How are referral payments made?  

    Funds will be sent to the payment method you have set up to receive your weekly earnings.

    11. Can I refer applicants from other countries?  

    You and your referral must reside in the active countries Omni sources contractors. Currently Omni operates in Guatemala and the US.  

    12. Are new business partnerships accepted from any location? 

    New applicants are accepted from Guatemala and the United States with the exclusion of Alaska, California, Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

    13. What does it mean to enroll in a certification course? 

    It means your referral qualifies to partner with Omni. 

    Your referral must sign up and qualify for a contract. 

    Your referral must be rostered to the client.  

    14. What does it mean to complete all certification activities and pass a course?  

    This means your referral will complete all the requirements of Certification per the Opportunity Announcement for the contract they select. 

    These activities can include attending instructor-led sessions, completing modules, attending huddles, and completing assessments. Other tasks may be included, but not listed here. The opportunity announcement for the specific contract will list certification activities. 

    Your referral must be considered certified to begin revenue-generating activities. 

    15. What does it mean to be certified? 

    The referral must complete all certification learning activities, modules, and any other activities, and is ready to begin call-taking, or other revenue earning activities. 

    16. What does it mean to graduate into production?  

    This means you meet the requirements of Earn & Learn per the Opportunity Announcement and make it to the production stage of the business partnership with Omni.  

    17. What does it mean to begin revenue earning activities? 

    Once you are considered certified, you will begin Earn and Learn. Earn and Learn is where you practice using the tools from Certification to help real customers. During this time, you earn revenue.  

    18. How soon after my referral meets all the program criteria can my business expect the referral payment? 

    Following Omni’s verification that all criteria is met, referral payment will be issued for next earning’s cycle.   

    Click here for the US Earnings Calendar.  

    19. Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?  

    Omni encourages you to refer anyone who meets the requirements. If your referral works multiple gigs with Omni and makes it to production multiple times, you are only eligible for the first time they partner with Omni and qualify. 

    If your referral starts, but doesn’t make it to production for any reason, you will not earn the referral incentive. You will only earn the referral incentive once your referral makes it into the revenue generating stage and meets the requirements outlined above.  

    You will only earn the referral incentive 1 time per person who makes it into the revenue generation stage. 

    20. What does “being active at time of payout” mean?  

    This means you and your referral are actively on a contract servicing a client and have scheduled and worked hours within the final 2 weeks of the 6-week qualification period. 

    21. Can the same person count more than once? 

    Once someone has been referred, they do not qualify for another referral.  

    If your referral has applied to partner with Omni before you sent them your referral link, you will not qualify for a referral incentive.  

    22. If my referral has already worked on the Omni platform in the past, can I refer them again?  

    No, if someone has already worked on the Omni platform at any time in the past, they are not eligible to be referred for this incentive.  

    23. What if I already referred someone before this incentive, and they applied and are active, can I still earn the incentive? 

    No, only your referrals that apply after July 1st, 2023 are eligible for you to receive the referral incentive.  

    24. Will Omni be working with my referral to assure I receive this incentive? 

    As a Business Owner and referee, it is your responsibility to encourage the referral to meet the requirements so your business qualifies for the referral incentive. 

    25. Are taxes being taken out?  

    No taxes will not be taken out. You are a Business Owner and 1099 contractor, and Omni does not withhold taxes for contractors.  

    26. If I believe that my business has qualified for the referral, but I have not received it, what should I do?  

    It is important you allow the appropriate amount of time before reaching out. If you feel the applicable time frame has passed, you can email We ask that you do not email more than once or before 6 weeks have passed. 

    27. What active contractor roles are eligible for referring their network?  

    All contractors are eligible, except for those supporting the Gig Talent team.  

    28. Are Omni Employees eligible for a referral incentive? 

    Not at this time.  

    Most Recent Update: 6/2023