Omni Partners With New York City to Support Overnight and Weekend Shifts for 24/7 COVID Support Hotline

Learn how Omni was able to ramp up 38 full time equivalent employees for overnight and weekend shifts in just 48 hours.




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The Company

One of The Most Densely Populated Cities in the United States

As one of the densest cities in the nation with over 1.6 million daily commuters into Manhattan, New York City was hit the hardest by COVID-19 in early 2020. And when vaccines were rolled out in late 2020 the city struggled to handle the massive influx of calls to book vaccination appointments. Because many families were busy and unable to book during typical business hours, they needed to provide 24/7 support. Although the New York City government was working with an existing BPO, they were struggling to schedule agents for overnight and weekend shifts. The existing BPO partner decided to partner with Omni to quickly fill these shifts with Gig Workers. Because Omni has a vast network of over 75 thousand Gig Workers across the US, the company can quickly ramp agents to fit clients’ needs. Due to the immediate need, Omni sourced and trained 38 FTE in just 48 hours.

Omni uses a Gig Workforce Model where all dedicated Gig Workers are remote and have the flexibility of choosing their own schedule. Overnight and weekend shifts are typically hard to schedule in traditional brick-and-mortar call centers, while Gig Workers are often interested in working part-time and picking up these shifts. Omni sources from groups like military attached, single parents, and teachers who are highly qualified. These groups are inherently more willing to work overnight and weekend shifts. If Omni is short on Gig Workers for an upcoming shift, they automatically alert the Gig Network via email, text, and Microsoft Team notifications providing incentives and surge urnings to pick up the shift.

The Challenge

Trained Staff Needed Within 48 Hours

New York City and its existing BPO needed help quickly. They wanted to have 38 Gig Workers on the phones in just 48 hours. Omni was up for the challenge. The Omni leadership team has a combined 100+ years of experience with work-at home and virtual training and build the revolutionary digital training program at Alpine Access before being sold to Sykes. Omni’s digital training program not only trains in a fraction of the time but boasts higher graduation rates, lower attrition, and improvements in client key performance indicators like average handle time and customer satisfaction.

Omni was the only BPO that could hire and train agents on the timeline they required. What other BPOs are incapable of doing, Omni can achieve because of its proprietary sourcing and digital training. Omni is able to achieve speed and flexibility traditionally unheard of in the call center industry.

"There is absolutely no doubt we would not have been as successful without your team for the VAX project. We are very grateful for all your flexibility and teamwork throughout the last few months and certainly hope to be able to partner together again in the future."

Kelly Uhlrich, COO

How Omni Responded

Omni Grows FTEs From 38 in Just 48 Hours to 90 in Under a Month

Because Omni has an active platform with over 75 thousand Gig Workers, it was easy to fill the overnight and weekend shifts with 38 FTE in just 48 hours. The client grew from 38 to 90 FTE by the end of the month. As the state of COVID changed while working with the client, Omni effortlessly scaled Gig Workers up and down to meet the demand. In addition to scaling up and down to save the client money, Omni also scheduled shifts in 30-minute increments for more accurate forecasting and efficiency.

The Results

Omni Exceeds Expectations in Internal Customer Satisfaction Scores

Omni exceeded all expectations by getting 38 FTE trained and on the phones within 48 hours. The client was unsure that Omni could deliver a team of trained Gig Workers, but within days they trusted Omni and the Gig Worker model for filling the overnight and weekend shifts.

The New York City government and its existing BPO partner continued to reach out to Omni about outstanding call reviews and how impressed they were with the network of Omni Gig Workers. The existing BPO stated, “We just do not receive compliments from [New York City] like this! The second time in the last couple of weeks they went out of their way to send an email with compliments only and they are both your workers!”

In addition to the feedback around Omni’s skilled and dedicated Gig Workers, the BPO also shared that customer satisfaction ratings of the interactions handled by Omni outperformed their own internal customer satisfaction scores.

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