Fast Company Innovation Festival Recap

Omni Interactions was the proud guest of @Inc Founders House for the 2023 @Fast Company Innovation Festival held in New York City Sept 18-21. The event brought thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe—exceptional leaders and doers shaping the future—for four days of inspired conversation, purposeful networking, and meaningful takeaways impacting humans across […]

Experience the Benefits of Global On-Demand Gig Workers with Omni’s Global Expansion!

For organizations looking to take their business operations to the next level, on-demand gig workers provide a unique solution. By leveraging the power of global talent, you can increase your team’s flexibility and scalability while reducing overhead costs. Now, thanks to Omni’s worldwide expansion, you can experience this cutting-edge workforce model in more places than […]

Outsourced Philippines Call Center Solutions

Access To Talented Workers Filipino workers place great importance on acquiring knowledge and education, evidenced by a remarkable literacy rate of 95% and above. Filipinos are ambitious when it comes to furthering their skill sets. They are ready to take on new projects with enthusiasm and often boast impressive creative capabilities. Omni Interactions doesn’t use […]

Nearshore Outsourcing Including Mexico And Guatemala Call Center Solutions

Why Outsource to Nearshore Locations? Nearshore outsourcing is a strategy in which companies access the talent pool of neighboring countries and nearby countries for work instead of employing in-house teams. Many business processes can be outsourced including marketing, web development, software engineering and nearshore software development, and more. The most popular though is customer support […]

Omni Interactions: The Uber of the Contact Center Industry

Uber and Omni Interactions may not seem to have much in common, but both companies use a gig-worker business model to provide excellent customer service. They also use surge earnings to incentivize workers to work during times of high demand. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how these two companies are similar […]

Maximize Your Cost Savings: A Comprehensive Guide to Call Center Outsourcing Costs

As businesses continue to shift their focus to remote and digital operations, call centers remain an essential part of customer service. However, the costs associated with running a call center can quickly add up. From hiring call center agents and setting up a physical workspace to managing call volume, it’s important to understand all of […]

Omni Interactions Achieves 25-55% Savings Through ROI Certification by Frost & Sullivan

Omni Interactions uses Remote Gig Workers, AI, and Automation to save clients’ money while improving customer satisfaction  Denver, CO, August 22, 2023– Omni Interactions, winner of Outsource Provider of the Year by Business Intelligence Group and CCW Finalists for BPO of the Year and Workforce Innovation of the Year, is proud to announce that it […]

US-Based Onshore Outsourcing And Customer Service Solutions

Benefits of Onshore Outsourcing? Domestic outsourcing can be extremely cost-effective and allow you to focus on your core business. Onshore outsourcing is a great solution for companies looking to provide customer service that meets their compliance standards while also providing stellar customer satisfaction. With onshore outsourcing, workers are based in the US, so all customer data remains in the […]