The White Picket Fence Rule

Growing up, in the 1970’s, neighborhoods were wide open and everyone spent time outside talking with their neighbors. I would see my grandfather casually leaning on the white picket fence, in the back yard, chatting with Mr. Ledger about the day’s events or upcoming weekend plans. Well, for the sake of this story, I’ve replaced Read more about The White Picket Fence Rule[…]

Turning a Life Experience into a Business Practice

Most of us have been to the doctor. I say most of us because we men are hard headed about going to the doc. My wife and I have spent more days than we care to count, with doctors, due to our special needs child. It was during one of these visits that I experienced Read more about Turning a Life Experience into a Business Practice[…]

A Priest, a Salesman, and a Manager Walk into a Bar…

Most of us have heard a joke that starts off something like this, and usually there’s a terrible punchline that ensues. Well, there’s no punchline here but, believe it or not, I’ve come to realize that these three people have more than one thing in common. A few years back, I was having a conversation Read more about A Priest, a Salesman, and a Manager Walk into a Bar…[…]

Why don’t you get it?…UGH!!!

When the first call center opened, in my home town in 1999, I applied and was hired as one of four team leads. Prior to this, I had worked in retail management, had done some outside sales management, and was even a bartender.  Dealing with people was right in my wheelhouse.  Little did I know Read more about Why don’t you get it?…UGH!!![…]


Panic vs. Urgency

Does anyone else have flashbacks, from previous experiences, that are applicable to something you’ve experienced recently?  I have and I’d like to share it. Back in my younger, and much more physically fit days, I was a lifeguard.  That may be hard for some people to visualize, now, but it’s true.  During those 5 years, Read more about Panic vs. Urgency[…]

The Cedar Chest

More and more, I find that life imitates work and work imitates life. I dabble in antiques and old furniture, sometimes turning trash into… well… not treasure….just better trash.  Anyway 20 years ago, I didn’t realize this would be my hobby. In the fall of 1995, I get a call from my grandmother, “Robby, a neighbor Read more about The Cedar Chest[…]

Contact Centers – Are They Really A People Business?

We hear all the time that the contact center industry is a people based business, but which people are we talking about?   If we were to go back 30 years the same issues that were faced then are still present today, not much has changed.   The industry is still chasing the same metrics Read more about Contact Centers – Are They Really A People Business?[…]